Ghostly Goings On!


At Brayne Court in Littledean is a ghost who never quite arrives for tea. Mr and Mrs Bramley, previous owners, have seen from the dining room a man walk through the gate apparently without opening it, and fade away. They describe him as a tall, thin man, with a guant face wearing a tall black hat with a silvery trim and a wide brim and black jacket. They only ever saw him from the window and he made no sound.

The dining room dates from Tudor times and has the original dark oak panelling with bullet holes dating from the Civil War. At one  time Quakers used the house for meetings, and it is thought that the apparition may have belonged to that time.

During the nineteenth century, when the house was a workhouse a man had been murdered and his body taken to Brayne Court. The two suspected murderers were lodged in the jail  at the end of the village. In those days it was believed that if a murderer touched the corpse of his victim would bleed. The two men were taken to the house to undergo the test and the corpse did not bleed but what happened to the alleged murderers is not known.

Despite the many ghost stories surrounding Brayne Court it has a very welcoming atmosphere and we love living in a house with so much history.

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